Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur toys

The Invicta Cetiosaurus was an Interesting Choice in Dinosaur Toys

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur ToysThe Cetiosaurus was a mid- Jurassic Period Sauropod. It stretched approximately 56 feet and weighed in at 25 tons. The Invicta Cetiosaurus came out in 1985 and is in 1/49 scale. This figure measures thirteen and three-quarter inches (13.75", 35cm) and weighs six and one-half ounces (6.5 oz, 185 gms). They were herbivores, hence they are a tad picky about Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys


"Oh yucky, let's go out to eat!"(right)

The entire herd heads out for breakfast where they graze happily. It takes a lot to keep a Sauropod going...

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys
Their small heads needed to be in near constant motion eating whatever poor plants they happened across. These mighty vegetarians were not concerned with the results of their ravaging the environment. Conservationists? NOT! "Hmmm. Where's Lunch?" (below)

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys

The body of the Invicta Cetiosaurus is highly if boringly detailed from nose to tail, in a style that makes its skin look like an elephant's. The shiny, purple plastic that it is molded from unfortunately blurs this detail, in effect, washing it out. On the other hand the material does lend itself to the appearance of movement as light plays across the figure....
Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys
It does have a sense of motion about it that I really like. On the other hand it lacks the crisp detail of the earlier figures such as the Invicta Diplodocus.

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Its feet are very well done as can be seen below with the claws of each

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys
foot clearly defined. A clear improvement over the earlier Diplodocus. (If only the Cetiosaurus had been done in the same flat plastic. What possessed them to use this shiny purple?) The belly provides its bonafides.

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys
Current knowledge makes the Cetiosaurus closer to 17 meters than the "14 metres" noted (imprinted, embossed) on the figure.

At the time of its introduction, in 1985, the only predatory Dinosaur toys it really had to worry about were the Invicta T-Rex (1977) and the Invicta Megalosaurus (1974). (below)

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys
It was only three years later, though, that the Invicta Cetiosaurus, and the rest of its line, found themselves mortally surprised (below) by the appearance of the Carnegie Collection, here in the form of an early (1988) Carnegie Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys
The appearance of this new, rival line of colorful "museum quality" Dinosaur toys drove Invicta to a short period in which they painted their figures,

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys(Picture courtesy of Max Magnus Norman)
and quite nicely too. You can see (above) how painting brings out the detail that the monchrome figures lacks. The painted figures were produced for only a short time before Invicta reverted back to the monochrome. Apparently the increase in sales didn't justify the cost of production. These are now out-of-production and while all of the figures are equally collectible, the painted ones may be considered as being a little bit more so. Just a tad more equal than their peers. Luckily these do take to customization quite well and you can paint your own Cetiosaurus, or any of Invicta's other figures yourself. The bottoms of the
New figures continued to appear until 1993 when the last of the figures, a Dimetrodon, was introduced. They remained in production until, perhaps, 2003. I just don't know. I do know that it is the fourth of five Sauropods (of a total of 23 figures) that Invicta produced. These were the Diplodocus (1974), Mamenchisaurus (1980), Brachiosaurus (1984) and later the Apatosaurus (1987). Quite a high Sauropod percentage for one line.

These may be found in the left over stock of out-of-the-way museums but more often from private sellers on eBay or in garage, yard or estate sales and at flea markets. Prices will probably range upwards from $15.00 with the factory painted models (being more equal) going for more. I haven't seen many Invicta Dinosaur toys that have been chewed on as the plastic is not tasty and the texture is not inviting.

Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys
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Invicta Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Toys

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