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Dinosaur baby and child care choices are limited and dangerous as this blog-bridge verifies. Part I

Eggs, Babies and the Oviraptors who ate them: January 26, 2010

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs all came from eggs. Dinosaur toys come from molds. Our next two pages concern themselves with Dinosaur toys that are interested in eggs, and with Dinosaur babies.

The first page is on the Carnegie and Safari Oviraptors. The former consist of a pair, the first introduced in 2004 and what I consider to be a female; the second introduced in 2006 and the male (Below). The female in the back is blue, the male is the gray.

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

In 2007 Safari Ltd presented their exquisite statuette of an Oviraptor female on her nest. This is less of a toy and more of a piece of sculpture, in plastic, and is limited to fairly static play. (Below)

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

The Oviraptor took on the role of 'planned parenthood' in the Cretaceous Period, stealing eggs from other Dinosaurs nests as well as eating whatever Dino-insects and small Dinosaurs that happened to cross their path. I don't think they could survive on eggs alone. Besides, their powerful beaks would have enabled them to crush nearly anything they could get a grip on.

The next page will concern itself with Dinosaur toys babies. Whether setting up a diorama, building a herd or simply seeking "easy prey" for a T-Rex with a broken tail Dinosaur babies have a place in the toy box and the collection. Manufacturers have obliged by either making dedicated Dino-babies....

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

(Above)"mmmm, tasty dedicated Maiasaur babies...."


Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

...And there are other dedicated Dino-babies around (Below- Safari Dino-Discoveries T-Rex Hatchling and Safari T-Rex baby)...

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

Additionally there are many smaller Dinosaur toys figures that can serve as, stand in for and be used as Dinosaur babies. To a certain extent we may think that Dinosaur babies were really cute (like mammal babies) with outsized heads, big-eyes and adorable expressions (such as the Safari baby T-Rex above) but if you've ever seen, for example, a baby Rattlesnake or Crocodile they are not that cute, just small. I don't think that reptiles rely on "cute and unthreatening" as a means of self-protection.

Rexford is rather proud of himself that he came up with these two page concepts and took the rest of the day off to rock in the sun.

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

"I'm the idea guy. Not the work guy."


Dinosaur baby and child care choices are limited and dangerous as this blog-bridge verifies. Part II

Baby Page Working: January 27, 2010

While we are still working-up the Dino-baby page the Dino-town Dino-care center was taking applications for some additional help....

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

"We don't believe you have the proper temperment for this job."

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys


So it seemed like a good time to go out for lunch....

"Tastes like chicken!"

Rexford has his own thoughts about the Dino-care center and its purpose in his life. (Below)

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

"(mmmm) An hors d'oeuvres center."

If there is a moral to this story it is to be careful where you leave your children as story-time can turn ugly in a heartbeat. Do you know where your children are? Or conversely to you kids: Do you know where you are?


Dinosaur baby and child care choices are limited and dangerous as this blog-bridge verifies. Part III

Childcare- Rexford's Viewpoint: January 29, 2010

From Rexford's point of view the Childcare Center is kind of a "mixed-bag." For one thing you have a variety of tasty morsels, all in one place, with minimal protection. That's good. On the other hand... it is so hard to choose.

So whether he is eating out with friends....

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

Or just out having a bite with Junior...

Din osaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

Rexford takes the tack that good childcare-"Requires proper seasoning and a pleasant ambience."

(With that I'll think we'll just try to forget the whole thing- Pointy-head Ed.)


Dinosaur baby and child care choices are limited and dangerous as this blog-bridge verifies. Part IV

The Dinosaur Babies Page: January 30, 2010

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

Today saw the completion of our two-days to complete page on Dinosaur toys babies. Featured are the Wild Safari (now mostly out-of-production) Dinosaur babies but also other, not dedicated Dinosaur babies that can and will serve in a pinch. (Not a Dino-baby but plays one in your toy box.) These latter are simply smaller sized Dinosaur toys that can be used as either babies or represent younger Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Baby, Dinosaur Toys

The Maiasaura started the ball rolling hoping to hire some childcare workers to help in the care of Dino-towns baby population while the parents are all off "at work." There were a great many applicants but all found wanting, despite some coming a very long distance....

Dinosaur Baby, Dinosaur Toys

"There are an awful lot of you."

"We take Pride in our work."

When an Oviraptor is hired for "storytime" you can be sure that there was a shortage of viable applicants.

Dinosaur Baby, Dinosaur Toys

"...said, 'My, what big teeth you have'..."


Dinosaur baby and child care choices are limited and dangerous as this blog-bridge verifies. Part V

Photo: Dino-Babe teaches Rexford a lesson.

Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

Finally, here is a photo (Left) of Dino-babe and Rexford taken after he had "insulted" her "Dinosaur Baby Dignity."

"HEY... leggo my node!!"

"Do you still think that I need my diaper changed??"

(Dino-Babe doesn't take well to suggestions of imperfection. Her motto- "If you can't fix it, keep your mouth shut about it.")

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