This is No Dinosaur Movie: December 15, 18, 2009

Not a Dinosaur Movie After All

The Marx Plateosaurus Buys the Farm: December 15, 2009

Dinosaur Toys

I have always thought of the 1955 Marx Plateosaurus as one of the great natural victims of the Dinosaur toys universe. It was small (1/86 scale) and therefore quite defenseless when facing the myriad predators it had to deal with. Even the relatively overweight (and perhaps slow) Pot Belly T-Rex and Allosaurus of its own generation certainly had it "outgunned" and with 1959 and the emergence of the new, "revised", "sleek" T-Rex it was sorely pressed.

Dinosaur Toys

Life at the ole waterhole (right) had deteriorated from the idyllic they had been used to. Finally with the introduction of the Safari Postosuchus life there became, well, heck. (below)

Dinosaur Toys

The neighborhood changed too much, too fast (left) and the only thing left was to go ahead and buy the farm. (below)

Dinosaur Toys

Of course farm life can be hard and all those dangerous old neighbors could still be about. Country living is fine and dandy but our Plateo-protagonists aren't taking any chances they don't have to....(below)

Dinosaur Toys

(Life at the ole waterhole is idyllic once again. But this time with an edge. Above and below.)

Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur movie Madness?

(Alas, no Dinosaur Movie, just Dinosaur toys)

Plateosaurs and Temperatures: December 18, 2009

Dinosaur Toys

Today we explored the world of the Carnegie Plateosaurus, originally issued in 1994 and remodeled in 1996 this member of the Dinosaur toys family is currently out-of-production but still available on the web and in stores. It is a well made, detailed and very nicely, excitingly painted figure that is "realistic" even given today's Dino-toy standards.

I like the figure. I hadn't owned any and needed these for today's page, only receiving them last week. My wonderful wife, DinoWoman (married name DinoWife) thinks they are adorable. I must admit that they are expressive and exude attitude which isn't easy for a vegetarian.

Their only flaws are stubby little "fingers" and small, weak looking thighs. The leg problem is somewhat camouflaged by the great paint-job but nothing can hide those hands.

Dinosaur Toys
Dinosaur Toys

Rexford was a bit under the weather (which incidentally promises our first real snow here for tomorrow, maybe some fun in the snow pix are on the way) today. We took his temperature but that didn't Dinosaur Toys work out too well as he just can't keep his mouth shut long enough.

He passed his time reading about himself and his relatives but we were worried about Rexford as he appeared to be a bit lackadaisical.

So we did what we felt necessary given the conditions we were working under and who we were dealing with....

Dinosaur Toys
"I'll get you for this!! This is just humiliating...."

More tomorrow. Don't ask.

Hmmm. Still no Dinosaur movie.

(And there will be no Dinosaur movie. So just enjoy the blog.)

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