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Because of the great interest shown in the blogs for November 8, 9, 11,12 & 13 we are including them here- all the Dinosaur names and facts you can want from Rexford's trip to the beach:
November 8, 2009:

"By the Seaside, By the Beautiful Sea."

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysToday (Saturday) Rexford went to the beach. He arrived late in the afternoon so he just took a quick look and then went off looking for food. Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysAt the foodstore he tried to sort of blend in with the merchandise, hoping to pounce on an unwary vegetarian....Tyrannosaur Rex Dinosaur Toys But he was out of luck and will have to settle for curling up with a box of wine tonight.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys
Rexford's cousin Albert O'Saurus (X-Plus version) will be tomorrow's page and the adventures of Rexford at the beach will continue. Have a great evening.
(We continue with just the Dinosaur names and facts please, ma'am... or sir, just the Dinosaur names and facts.)

November 9, 2009:

"Under the Boardwalk, Beside the Sea...."

Albertosaurus Dinosaur ToysThis was Albertosaurus appreciation day here in Dinotown and the Albertosaurus we appreciated was the X-Plus Prehistoric Masterpiece Albert O'Saurus fragilis. He is a somewhat fragile, too fragile for normal play, Dinosaur and therefore his page had a somewhat different theme than usual.

By a completely different token Rexford is a very play-with-able character and he continues his beach adventures....
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys
Today he was hanging out under the pier (not a boardwalk), enjoying the sun and the surf when he met up with three young human children by the names of Jade, Micah and Kaeda.Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys They played for a while together and shared the beach before Rexford had to move on. He makes friends easily and it seems that everyone is always glad to see him.

After playing on the beach Rexford went back to the food store to pick up dinner, but had a little trouble payingTyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys
and a small, disembodied voice kept repeating, "please remove your items from the scanner scale" over and over and over again. Very disconcerting. So, to end this second day at the beach Rexford went down to the shore to watch the sunset and dream of the way things used to be...Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys

(Just the Dinosaur names and facts continues. Poor Rexford was only semi-conscious on the 10th due to his medication and was incapable of doing the blog. More later.)

November 11, 2009:

"The Old Wal-Mart and the Sea"
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys This morning saw our hero get up early and drive off to Wal-Mart with two of his friends. Upon arrivalTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys he suffered an unexpected indignity and "discriminatory labeling" that made him want to call his "Para-legal-ophus." Instead, ever enterprising, he settled out of court for some Pate...Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys and checked out a T-Rex that somehow got in without being branded with a happy-face sticker. "I guess it's because he's wearing a clown costume."Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys
Rexford moved on to the library section where he read a book about food and perused a biography before moving on to a visit with his ancestors and Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysDinosaur Toys another to the local cut rate orphanage where he adopted a tasty meal...uh...an orphan.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys

(Rexford with adoptee.)
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysUpon returning home he went to the beach where he engaged in some old fashioned "earn your dinner" behavior and then went for a Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys walk down the beach with a friend who will be a new regular around here.Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys

As the sun set Rexford took a last look before trudging home for the evening.

Dinosaur Toys

(Coelophysis joy riding on beach.)
Our original plans called for today being a Coelophysis (Jurassic park JP.04) page which simply hasn't happened. Call it the "siren song of the sea" I suppose. It just sort of blew-up in my face.Styracosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Tomorrow <"Yours Truly"< will be having a little medical procedure and there will be no page and probably no blog either tomorrow or Wednesday. I am expected to survive the routine procedure and will surely be back on Thursday.

(We continue naming Dinosaur names and facts.... The truth about November 10th, the "lost day", emerges.)

November 12, 2009:

"A Medical Procedure Gone Awry."
Called in for a medical evaluation Rexford found himself in the capable hands of government approved medical professionals.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys
They could not resist having their picture taken with a star of Rexford's magnitude but soon got down to work.Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysTyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys

The entire team was hard at work doing the evaluation and the procedure was a success. Happily the result was that they could find nothing medically wrong and it was determined that all Rexford needed was a snack. This was provided by the staff.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys
(Our concluding beach segment in which we have named Dinosaur names and facts.)

November 13, 2009:

"Rainy Daze."
Rexford couldn't believe it when he got up and saw that it was raining. His last day and it was being washed away! His friends were sympathetic and they talked about the weather but couldn't do anything about it.tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysDinosaur Toys Being a resourceful Dinosaur, however, Rexford resorted to day dreaming...
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur ToysDinosaur ToysHe remembered the children he had met and the pleasant stroll on the beach with his not very edible friend and he imagined himself stalking through the beach grass....

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys
But mostly just hanging out in the sun and not getting hassled by complaints to the beach patrol....

Coelophysis Dinosaur Toys
Tomorrow for sure, either the MARX Stegosaurus or Trachodon. Really. No pesky medical procedures fogging the brain and requiring last minute retooling.

Bye bye for now...

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys (And in conclusion as we have named all the Dinosaur names and facts we planned to for this day....)

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