A Dinosaur Photo is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

Taking a Dinosaur photo of a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex requires great courage.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody 11/26/09-blog entry

Dinosaur Photo Dinosaur Toys
To begin with. (left) Here is an unretouched photo of the Carnegie (green) 1994(?) re-sculpt T-Rex having gone through orthopedic plastic surgery physical therapy and is now out of that three-point stance and up on his own two feet.
Today is Thanksgiving and Rexford was kindly invited out to dinner where he made, well, a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of himself....
Dinosaur Photo Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Photo Dinosaur Toys

"First I'll eat this.... Then I'll have that!"
Definitely not the way to get an invitation back for next year!

"Uhhh... has anybody seen Tom?"

Dinosaur Photo Dinosaur Toys

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And I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Right after I've had a snack.




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