The PAPO Parasaurolophus Dinosaur is Friends with the Marx Ankylosaurus

The Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Blog Archive: Part 1"

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The PAPO Parasaurolophus Dinosaur: February 2, 2010

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

The Papo Parasaurolophus has proven itself, through hard knocks on the street, as very tough prey. So whether it is facing down Velociraptors...

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

... being chased by an Allosaurus...

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

... or just hanging out with some OOP buddies...

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

...the Papo Parasaurolophus is one heck of a Dinosaur toy!

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

The Parasaurolophus is a very popular Dinosaur toy, most likely because its wonderful head is so distinctive and easy to model. That great crest was hollow and most likely used for communication, allowing the Para to create a variety of different "ga-honks" by blowing through it. It also may have been able to be flushed with blood for sexual display. It is believed that these were sexually di-morphic, the males having larger crests than the females.


The Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Blog Archive: Part 2"

Gone Fishin': February 3, 2010

Dinosaur Toys Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

We have just received the new Coelacanth by Wild Safari and it is a beaut. Great detail in this model of the earliest known fish. It was believed extinct until one was caught in the Indian Ocean in 1938. Since then more have been caught. They taste terrible and are of interest primarily to museums. They are, literally, a living link with our past.

Even Rexford was impressed. Weren't you? uh, Rexford... REXFORD!!

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

"Here fishy fishy. Here little tasty fishy fishy..."


The Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Blog Archive: Part 3"

MARX Ankylosaurus: February 3, 2010

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

The Marx Ankylosaurus (1955 & '59) is a wonderful old vintage collectible that can't and won't do anything you don't want it to but get lost. And it can't even do that without your active help and cooperation. On today's page we explored this little fellow's life and presented the differences between the two models (below) and yes, you cannot tell the difference(s) without a scorecard. That is why we supplied the scorecard.

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

We also met some of their original old friends...

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

"These are NOT our friends!"

...and met some new ones too...

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

"Let's play restaurant. You can be Mr. Entree."

"You're not my friends either."

But not every meal is easily presented.

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

"Hmmm. I hope it tastes like lobster."

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

"You see anything under there that looks like an opener?"

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

This pair of young Safari "Sue" T-Rex (2004) are having a hard time figuring how to get at this older, experienced Ankylosaurus. The only way to really get at one would be to somehow leverage it over, onto its back, to get at its soft stomach. To do so required strength (the Ankylosaurus was a low-slung 4-6 ton bundle of muscle) and perhaps a certain amount of luck. Avoiding that tail was also an absolute necessity as one solid hit could snap a femur or crush ribs.

Both the Marx Ankylosaurus and the Safari "Sue" T-Rex are currently out-of-production. I included them here to demonstrate that being OOP doesn't mean out-of-play.

Do you hear an odd, crunching, sound?

REXFORD! What are you doing? Don't eat the cast!!

Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys

"Mmmmm/ I like M-As. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Taste like chicken. (Whatever that is.)"


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