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December 8, 2009

Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys Tomorrow you will all get to see, as the result of an ugly confrontation (above) a terrible injury resulted (below, left) and how our crack medical team (below, right) responded.
Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys
(Above-Left) "Owwww!" (Right) "We've got it all under control."

Meanwhile it all proved too much for Rexford who rushed down to his local big-box Pharmacy to have his own blood pressure checked....

Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys"Check it?? This'll raise it!! Help!"

The Dinosaurs Extinction Avoidance Blog- Part 2

"Feathers Tickled My Fancy"

December 10, 2009

Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur ToysFeathered Dinosaur toys are relatively new members to the toy family. Recent theories based on fossilized impressions of feather-like coverings have led to several Dinosaur toys so dressed. The Bullyland Velociraptor is one of those feathered-Dinosaur toys and has garnered quite a controversy about itself. Collectors argue and seem to either love it or hate it, most coming down in the latter camp. It comes in 1/20 Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toysscale and a proprietary comparatively softer rubber than most other lines of Dinosaur toys (Safari, The Carnegie Collection, PAPO, et al) which has its own benefits. Much of the detail we have come to expect from contemporary, high-quality Dinosaur toys is covered with feathers (highly, well detailed feathers) in this figure and its pose is pretty melodramatic which, I think, has tended to put some people off. And of course there are those who just can't get behind the idea that Dinosaurs, any Dinosaurs, might have been covered in feathers as this guy is.
Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys

In today's adventure a potentially tasty hunt (left) got cut short by a near catastrophic injury (below) to one of the hunters. Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys
("Can we eat him instead?")>>

But quick work by our crack medical staff got our injured actor healed in a hurry. (below and left) Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys Dinosaurs Extinction Dinosaur Toys

You can read all about it on today's Bullyland Velociraptor page and see the gastronomic tragedy that was averted.

Tomorrow will be another day here in Dino-town, hope you'll join us again to find out what's happening.
Good Night.

So you can readily see from the foregoing; had real Dinosaurs the medical care available to Dinosaur toys the entire Dinosaurs extinction could have been avoided.

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Yes! The Dinosaurs Extinction Could Have Been Avoided. Now you know the rest of the story....

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